Our Services include: Steel carports in chromadek and galvanized, gutters, steel structures with I-beams and/or universal beams, dome roofs, industrial structures like warehouses, exclusive designed roofs and gazebos.

 General specifications


1. Only new Grade A material is used.

2. Only 2mm thickness lipchannel is used for structure frame and 2mm thick support poles.

3. High quality waterproofing is used with UV stabilized material.

4. The thickness of the sheeting is 0.5mm.  Only full hard zink or chromadek is used.

5. All steel is prepainted with high quality etching primer.

6. Frame finished with a special automotive paint. The same colours available as in chromadek.

7. LPM uses more and thicker rawl bolts than other companies.

8. LPM Steel uses more perlins/cross members than the other companies to ensure that the structure is strong and safe.

9. Self drill screws with bonded washers are used to secure roof and to prevent leakages.

10. Gutters are standard except if not required.

11. 5 Year guarantee on structure.


How we work


1. Only permanent personnel in our service.  No illegal personnel.

2. Highly qualified personnel (coded welders)

3. No deposit is needed, but LPM expects a proof of payment (cheque/internet transfer) on completion before leaving the premises.

4. 99% of the time the structure will be completed in one day

5. Sheeting will be ordered (as close as possible) to the correct length so as to ensure that  noise levels will be as low as possible during construction of the roof.

6. Poles will be planted in concrete (400mm x 400mm)

7. The team will clean up afterwards and all the rubbish will be removed from the premises


Thank you for the opportunity in quoting for you.  We look forward to your early response.